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3GPP compliant 5G-Core made in Germany

API-centric 5G-Core-as-a-Service (5GaaS)

Private 5G in no time using the small cell 5G-SA Starter-Kit suitcase

5G for Enterprise

CampusGenius implements private 5G campus networks for SMEs and industry and supports integration in production processes, automation or in the connection of automated vehicles and extensive sensor technology. A private 5G network customizable for industry requirements that scales with increasing needs and that provides mmWave capabilities.

5G Core

The GeniusCore is a 3GPP Rel. 16 compliant, scalable 5G Core with powerful APIs; as vendor agnostiv 5G-Core the GeniusCore software is the perfect core for your private 5G network deployment. It powers the CampusGenius network solutions and can be licensed separately for any use case or 5G application.


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CampusGenius walking the dog at DIGITAL X 2023

5GaaS at DIGITAL X 2023 in Cologne, Germany This year’s motto is "Be digital. Stay human.", and that’s where our private 5G networking demo fits in perfectly. You…
Hall 14, Booth H06/44

5GaaS at Hannover Messe 2023

Hannover Messe 2023 in Hannover, Germany This year's motto is Industrial Transformation, and that's where private 5G networking is perfectly fitting. You may find us in Hall 14,…
Hall 7 Booth 7B81

Presenting 5GaaS at MWC 2023

Mobile Word Congress 2023 in Barcelona Finally, it's that time of the year again. Thank you for swinging by at the CampusGenius booth #7B81 in hall 7!During MWC…
Industry Application Areas



5G campus networks are the ideal basis for automating production in factories and companies. The low latency of the technology allows perfect, wireless control of robots or automated guided vehicles in logistics. The use of dedicated, licensed frequencies outside the unlicensed ISM bands provides protection against external interference.

Smart Buildings


Problems with cellular coverage indoors? This is where the cellular network can provide better coverage while providing a wireless infrastructure. The dedicated 5G network enables wireless automation of building services, internal telephony, flexible work control, and even position sensing of devices in the building.


Plane, Train, Ships

5G networks form a high-performance communication basis for ports, train stations or airports. Starting with the localization of vehicles and equipment, autonomous control of transport vehicles or drones, and autonomous transport systems for freight or passengers. In the field of maintenance, repair and control, the use of augmented reality becomes possible.

Construction 4.0

Construction and Machines

Data acquisition for the Building Information Model (BIM) requires the automatic acquisition of a wide variety of data, e.g., images from drones, temperature, humidity or material condition sensors, materials, localization, machine information. A temporary 5G campus network for the construction site is suitable for this – the Construction Site Cloud. Remote control of cranes, excavators, drills or transporters becomes possible with low latency and high resilience in the 5G network in the first place. The campus network helps to collect data everywhere and transport it reliably to the construction site’s own edge cloud. The CampusGenius 5G container can be set up quickly and agilely on site for exactly this purpose.

Mobile Networks of the next Generation

The GeniusNetwork is a customized network solution from experts for SME to enterprise-level integrations for industrial communications of all sizes and application fields, customized for your requirements.
The solutions provide true 5G-SA connectivity for any type of application and wireless communication requirement, which can also be extended by WiFi or other technologies.

Our transportable, 5G-SA GeniusNetwork system can be ordered at any time for evaluation, testing or special purposes in your use cases.

We are 5G ready.

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