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Manufacturing & Production

Private 5G networks are the key to improving efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing processes. The ideal basis for automating production in factories and companies, businesses can improve their manufacturing operations by providing real-time connectivity and control over the production process. With private 5G, manufacturers can make use of advanced automation, robotics, and IoT devices seamlessly, optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.


In the healthcare industry, private 5G networks enable transformative advancements in patient care, and medical services. Secure and reliable connectivity means that healthcare facilities can implement remote patient monitoring solutions, telemedicine platforms and medical devices that can extend care beyond traditional clinical settings. Private 5G supports real-time data transmission, enhancing hospital operations to improve overall efficiency, and patient outcomes.


Transform campuses into smart learning environments with enhanced connectivity and interactive learning experiences. Private 5G networks support high-bandwidth applications including live steaming, online lectures, multimedia content delivery and remote collaboration tools. Educational institutions can rely on seamless connectivity for both students and faculty members.

Logistics & Transportation

Private 5G networks enable high-performance communication, efficiency and safety for ports, train stations and airports. Optimise in-house logistics and transportation operations, and enable precision in real-time tracking, route planning and real-time media transmission for your AGVs and AMRs for safer and more efficient transportation networks. 


Streamline Building Information Model (BIM) data with the automatic acquisition data, including images from drones, temperature, humidity or material condition sensors, materials, localisation, and machine information. A temporary 5G campus network (the Construction Site Cloud) facilities seamless data collection, and enables remote control of construction machinery with minimal latency. This is easily set up on-site, ensuring reliable data transport to the construction site’s edge cloud.


Maximise agricultural efficiency through real-time data collection and analytics. Private 5G networks empower farmers with reliable connectivity, enabling the use of sensors for precision monitoring of soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health. With our private 5G solution, farmers can optimise irrigation schedules, automate machinery, and enhance yield while conserving resources.

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These are just a few examples of the many industries that can benefit from the enhanced connectivity and efficiency that private 5G networks offer. No matter your industry or sector, private 5G networks have the potential to revolutionise your operations.

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