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Inherently secure

Completely flexible

Highly scalable

The GeniusCore

5G connectivity starts at the core

*GeniusCore hosted on a Raspberry Pi stack for visual demonstration purposes only

The GeniusCore is the heart of your 5G network, handling device registration, routing, and ensuring top-notch data quality. This cloud-native 5G Core, tailored for reliability and security, simplifies the operation of your 5G network.

Experience the power of GeniusCore, a 5G-SA core software solution that effortlessly implements the 3GPP standards-defined 5G Core (5G NGC or 5GC) for Stand-Alone private networking. Ideal for deploying private 5G networks, known as campus networks, the GeniusCore offers a set of network functions and interfaces.

Get actionable insights with GeniusCore's proactive, real-time analysis of message traffic, covering NGAP/NAS, PFCP messages, and HTTP requests and responses through APIs. Access detailed KPI analysis through user-friendly graphical dashboards. Plus, seamlessly integrate with cloud-native monitoring tools like OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Grafana for real-time analysis, visualisation, alerting, and troubleshooting in your 5G network.

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Increased Network Capacity & Coverage

Low latency

Enabled by Edge-Computing

Full Control

Your business retains total control


Designed for Hyperintegration

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