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CampusGenius 5G StarterCase

Your 5G journey starts hereGet started in minutesPortable single-case solution

5G Small Cell RAN
Mini PC for GeniusCore Software
5G USB Dongle
SIM Cards
Protective case for easy transport, housing everything you need to set up your private 5G network

All-in-one 5G Network

Plug & Play in minutes

Portable single-case solution

The CampusGenius StarterCase is a fully functioning 5G network, neatly packed into one easily transportable case so you can start your 5G journey with ease. Tailored for SME's and larger enterprises alike, our comprehensive solution is your key to exploring the full potential of private 5G networks. With a range of up to 400m and support for a maximum of 32 devices per cell, our StarterCase ensures seamless connectivity across your operations. Operating on frequency bands N78/B41 with a bandwidth of 100MHz, it delivers lightning-fast speeds and reliable performance.

The StarterCase allows you to verify and implement your 5G use cases with precision and ease, no SDR or simulations required. Plus, with tailored training sessions and ongoing support, you'll have everything you need to seamlessly integrate and optimise your 5G network.

Experience the future of connectivity today with the CampusGenius StarterCase.

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up to 400 metres


32 devices per cell


bands N78/B41