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Inherently Secure: 7 Security Advantages of
Private 5G Networks

Unlocking the potential of private 5G networks goes beyond enhancing connectivity, it’s also about fortifying your organisation’s security. Here are just 7 of the security advantages that private 5G networks offer.

From dedicated infrastructure to advanced encryption, read about how private 5G networks are supporting data security in the digital age. 

Dedicated Infrastructure

Private 5G networks operate on dedicated infrastructure, enabling businesses to have full control over their network resources and reducing the risk of unauthorised access or interference from external parties.

Data Flow Control

With the ability to control the inflow of data in mobile communications, businesses can reduce potential security threats such as malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches that may occur on shared networks. 

Enhanced Encryption

Supported by advanced encryption protocols such as TLS 1.3 as the main encryption between the network functions and an additional integrated (outside) IPSec gateway for secure communication with the Radio Network. Also with more modern RAN (Radio Access Network) components the communication between the BBU and the radio heads is encrypted via MACSec and/or IPSec. This means that sensitive information remains protected from interception by unauthorised users and saves businesses from using algorithms that have already been compromised. 

Access Control

Businesses can implement granular access control policies with their own private 5G network, restricting network access to authorised devices and users only. This helps prevent unauthorised devices or individuals from accessing sensitive data or network resources. 

Network Slicing

Networks can be segmented into subnetworks, each with its own security policies and access controls. In each individual slice, businesses can define different Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. This helps isolate sensitive data and applications from the rest of the network, minimising the impact of security breaches and containing potential threats. 

Resilient to Interference

Designed to be resilient to jamming and interference, and thus more secure against attacks aimed at disrupting network communication. With features such as frequency hopping and beamforming, private 5G networks can mitigate the impact of jamming attacks and maintain reliable connectivity. 

Continuous Monitoring & Threat Detection

Continuous monitoring and threat detection capabilities allow businesses to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. With advanced analytics anomalous behaviour and potential security threats can be identified quickly, before they escalate into major breaches. 

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