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5G for everyone

Here it is! The 5G-Opportunity for everyone! Our 5G-Starter Case.

This Case provides a fully working 5G-Network consisting of a small cell gNB RAN and the CampusGenius GeniusCore software running on a small PC, which is included as well. It comes with one (or more) pre-configured USB-Stick(s) or device of your choice and 5 SIM-cards for your own private 5G setup. Additionally, training and introduction session are provided resp. available for the customers team for setting up and running the 5G network in the starter case.
This is the ideal solution for SMEs and larger enterprises looking forward to getting hands on 5G for verification and implementation of their use cases in a real life environment. No SDR or simulation required – the suitcase is the real thing that allows to exploit the great potential of 5G already now.

5G StarterKit Suitcase
5G small cell RAN
5G USB Stick
mini PC for 5G GeniusCore software
SIM cards
Protected suitcase containing everything you need to start your 5G journey.