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TSN for private 5G Netzwerke

In the CampusTSN-5G project, real-time TSN-based 5G campus networks are being developed with a focus on specific task areas. For example, the interfaces between TSN and 5G networks are designed for a 5G core, and the associated system components are implemented and the interfaces are connected.

After one year of waiting our first research opportunity finally got approved. Together with the team of Prof. Axel Sikora at Hochschule Offenburg we will work on Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and its integration into 5G networks.
The main focus will be the integration of time synchronization mechanisms to ensure deterministic communication between a 5G end device (UE) and a wired TSN-network. We are looking forward to the cooperation – and to the integration of TSN into our 5G core software that will be used within the project.

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Info link: Campus TSN